Nul cc 176

Made this for the magazine 'KicXstart'

- 'well, that was some wonderfull biking, now up to home, dinnertime!'
- 'oops, lost!'
- 'You know what, I'll just ask for directions, at that gasstation... made of sweets...'

If you say so

I am inspired by looks from people that show that they are not troubled by other peoples judgements, and just go on with being themselves. And then i don't think this person will actually say: "If you say so," but the look will be there...

If you say so - 17x12cm - acrylics on paper


It's already late and dark outside, where i see my own reflection in the window. On my bad computerscreen this is a dark spot, but maybe on a better monitor, you can see me :-)

"Reflection" - 15x20cm - acrylics on paper

To measure yourself at least once

Very impressed by the movie "Into the wild" I painted one random image from that movie...

To measure yourself at least once - 21x12 cm - acryl op papier


miss - 15x21cm - pencil on paper

Model Liese

Model Liese on our Monday Modelday.

These charcoals 20 minute studies. The painting was an hour studie.

Liese - 14x21cm - acrylics on paper


I am working on a painting with the same visual on it, only way bigger. It was fun to make a small quick version too...

"Samba!" - 21x14cm - acrylics on paper

Drag to the market

Free inspired by a photo from Gianni Giansantie. A Hamar woman at the market from Dimeka.

"Drag to the market" - 14x21cm - acrylics on paper