Hate on me

Oh my gosh, I made this?
This is not how i am feeling haha!

Hate on me - by head, listening to Jill Scott - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper


A fun free monday together with René
In the old town of Spakenburg. We had some fun painting the old ships and tasting the 'kibbelingen'! Thank you René for the fun :-)

Werf Spakenburg - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper
HK 89 - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper
BU 113 naast de Rode Loods - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Two faces...

When i make a little painting just like that, with no foto as a reference, can that be called a 'study'?
Well, two faces a made like that :-)
Southern blue - 9,5x13,5cm - acrylics on paper

Free face - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper


This time the sheep were hanging out in the neighbourhood. Main thing for me was the sky though. But there was some light left, and then i tried my best on the sheep.

Schapen! - Sheep! - Arkersluisweg, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Stoomgemaal vanaf Zeedijk

With a burning sun :-)

Stoomgemaal vanaf Zeedijk - Zeedijk, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

What was I thinking? That those sheep would stay?

A bit empty in the forground?
Those sheep just wouldnt stay. Pretty site in the fields again, straight after work! :-)

What was I thinking? That those sheep would stay?
Watergoorweg, Arkemheen, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Rain and sun

Coming out of work, and the weather was crazy, sun and rain, great clouds and pretty light, so i took of to the polder Arkemheen. A bit too late for the flaming sky, but it was still really nice to paint. Cold hands!!!

Daar komt de regen (Korte Holk, Bremersweg, Nijkerk) - There comes the rain
23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Free monday again!

Oh wow, and still nice weather, so I took the car and some time.
Here's the result.
Dood hout, klaar om op te stijgen, in het bos(Nieuwe Voorthuizerweg, Nijkerk)
Dead wood, ready for take-off, in the forest
23x16cm - acrylics on paper

De koeien zijn er - Donkeresteeg, Putten - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

An Erbore peeks

Still inspired by Africa, this is a woman from the Erbore tribe I painted lifesize on a piece of scrapwood.

An Erbore peeks - 41x133cm - acrylics on wood

Estelle's tjoeri

I like some unexpected expression on a face :-)
Inspired by this video.

Estelle's tjoeri, 70x50cm, acrylics on canvas

Nina Simone

A salut to Nina Simone.

"This water gives back" - Nina Simone, 100x70cm, acrylics on canvas


I enjoyed a week of Malta!
I love that mysterious island, with that big history. Knights and everything.
O yeah, and it's nice warm over there. Sweet rocky nature, and see sea see. :-)

The capitol Valetta seen from Sliema (sketchbook)
A street in Valetta
View on Vittorioso from Valetta
View on the Red Tower from Melieha Bay

Forest Hoevelaken

Yes the weather was too nice to stay inside. So I did same little landscapes on paper in Hoevelaken.

First free monday!

So there I was in the grass over here:
instead of at my work.
I wanted to do some painting, but then i had to do a meeting for the atelierroute, after that brought my savings to a paintingstore in Rotterdam and then paid my mon and dad a visit on this special day.
Next week. monday paintingday.
More seriously :-)

Bij de Slichtenhorsterweg - 60x40cm - acrylics on board


Here's some more paintings i did in vacation time.
The second one is a small one, made at sunset, at a place where i was bitten by a hundred musquito's... i had to run.

Bij Darp, De Hunebedden bij Havelte, Drenthe - 60x40cm - acryl op board

Heide bij Darp, Drenthe - 30x20cm - acryl op board

Free Monday's!!!


Starting in september I will not work on mondays! I'll start my 4 days work week. That means I can try to be an artist on monday. It must be possible to make a painting a week then!
New energy to post work.
Here's some from the holiday in Drenthe and Friesland :-)
Langedijke camping - acrylics on paper

Langedijke, Friesland - acrylics on paper

Meppel harbour, Drenthe - acrylics on paper

Model Lianne

Acrylics on paper, 15x20cm

Acrylics on paper, 15x20cm

Acrylics on board, 40x60cm (15 minutes)

Acrylics on board, 40x60cm (45 minutes)

Model Hugo

Some ten minute sketches
40x60 acrylic on board
and a big one for about an hour

Wouter Klootwijk

I dont really know the man, just a face from the newspaper, with some special expression!


And over here it was cold too. In Amsterdam in december, and i took like 15 minutes to paint.