This time the sheep were hanging out in the neighbourhood. Main thing for me was the sky though. But there was some light left, and then i tried my best on the sheep.

Schapen! - Sheep! - Arkersluisweg, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

5 opmerkingen:

  1. you are making Rob a happy man!!

    Prachtige lucht joh!

  2. no you are not
    i hate those smelly shit bags!!

    love your latest landscapes wiele
    so lose and fresh and full of life

  3. haha smelly shitbags!? wow something happened between sheep and you, rob!
    I wasn't that close. didnt smell a thing ;-)

  4. Rob's just kidding Marco!

    He can do things with sheep where we only dream about. He's the real Welsh sheep-man, world-famous in New Builth. ;-)