Blue Lines

I know that's the name from the Massive Attack CD I like so much, but these definitely are some blue lines too.

Blue Lines - 12x16cm - ink on paper

Arkerweg Nijkerk

I thought it was gonna be like friday, but now i was out when the sun was pretty high in the sky... hmmm, and then the light is less spectacular, gosh and everywhere people enjoying their free day! The area around the water was really busy, so i went a little bit on the Arkerweg.

Arkerweg - 30x20cm - acrylics on board

Straight after work

The weather was so great, so friday after work, I went out there. The paint dried quickly with that warm wind. It was great to be in this atmospheric scenery, so i did three :-)

Zeedijk en stoomgemaal - acrylics on paper - 23x14cm
Onderaan de dijk [at the bottom of the dyke] - acrylics on paper - 23x14cm
Later ging de zon onder [later the sun went donw] - acrylics on paper - 23x14cm


Dutch flowers on my carpet.

Tulips "Tulpen" - 20x15cm - acrylics on paper

Tribute to a nurse

White on white, that's alright, because here I want to pay some attention to the nurse :-)
I think that's an honourable profession.

Tribute to a nurse "Ode aan een zuster" - 15x20 cm - acrylics on paper

Face it

Sometimes I do that, I use a picture from a face and start painting it, without paining too much attention to the picture, and then my painting is just somebody completely different and that's OK really because I just wanna have some fun with the paint. Still I learn from the picture because how light moves over a face... that's really something.
This is what happened.

Face it - 15x20cm - acrylic on paper