Yesterday was a nice warm day, so after work I went out to look for a place to paint. These house will get torn down soon, so I decided to paint them. But ARG, painting houses... I don't know, I had to struggle for a long time, had some help from the knife, and now it looks like this. :-)

Molenplein 23 Nijkerk - acrylics on paper - 24x16cm

IF Cracked

Seriously, I do want to do some yoga. I need something like that. But probably a course from somebody is a good idea.

Cracked - Ink and watercolor on paper


Al my latest ones were so serious looking, and sometimes even sad or angry. So here is 'Samba!'
And nice BIG :-)

Samba! - 120x90cm - acrylics on canvas

Zeedijk Putten

And again I went to the dike for some fresh air.

Zeedijk Putten - 23x17cm - acrylics on paper