Yellow Storm

An abstract landscape... Did that yesterday, still inspired by painting outside in Amersfoort.

Yellow Storm - 20x15cm - acrylics on panel

Amersfoort in december

Almost the last day of the year and René and i went painting in Amersfoort again.

A little video of that day

These paintings are 20x30cm - acrylics on panel

My Mam and Pap

Visiting with X-mas, but i brought my dirty painting clothes too, and that felt good. After practising on the amigo's I wasn't afraid to ask them to sit for me too.
20x30cm - acrylics on board - "pa"
20x30cm - acrylics on board - "ma"

Texel on the beach

I brought my paint to the beach on Texel, and had my personal fight with the wind and the sand, but i enjoyed the view a big bunch!

20x30cm - acrylics on board - "texel 1"
20x30cm - acrylics on board - "texel 2"

Here they are, my friends, the 14 amigo's

A weekend on Texel with all of these dudes. Now that's some inspiring environment!
I asked them all to pose for me, like 15 minutes and a littlebit over. These are all little paintings on board, 20x30 cm - acrylic.

And finally, to finish it up to 14, Marcel was prepared to put me there in the paint! Wild!

Model Hetty

Hetty herself is the initiator of this open atelier modeldrawing. And this last session she showed us she can be a perfectly good model herself. Thanks for the great poses Hetty!
12x16cm - indian ink on paper

16x22cm - indian ink on paper

12x16cm - color pencil on paper

40x60cm - acrylics on board

40x60cm - acrylics on board

Who there?

This is a very busy person here at the moment in Holland, but he is rarely seen all alone like this in the night...

15x20cm - acrylics on paper - "Who there?"

Illustration Friday - Balloon

Model Ageeth

Ageeth is helping, just like me to put together the Atelierroute in Nijkerk, and she wanted to be the model for this week!
12x16cm - indian ink on paper

16x22cm - indian ink on paper 12x16cm - pencil 30x40cm - acrylics on board

40x60cm - acrylics on board

Strumming my pain...

Lauryn Hill shows her finger.

15x20cm - acrylics on paper - "Strumming my pain..."

Dubai Chique

Chique with some arrogance...

15x20cm - acrylics on paper - "Dubai chique"

Pia - IF Pale

Pia Douwes is a dutch misicalstar, I dont think i ever have heard her sing, but i see she has great expression on her face. Now i want to catch that. After this little scetch, i know i need to try again, but that's allright.

15x20cm - acrylics on paper

IF Opinion

15x20cm - acrylics and ink on paper

I hope an opinion can be something that is not rock hard, but that is flexibel. We need to keep on thinking and stay open for change, because it is just an opnion, it might be wrong. Keep the discussion going on. Keep talking. Keep thinking.

Britt and Emma

I made this one from my little nieces, for their birthdayboy father.

30x20cm, acrylics on board, "Britt and Emma"

Hamar girl

Again i worked freely from a picture from Gianni Giansanti, and i am not sure wether i am finished with it already, but painting-time was over, friday at the open atelier. So this is her, for this moment.

70x70cm, acrylics on canvas, "Hamar Girl"

Model Hugo

The results from the modelsession last monday. Model Hugo.

65x85cm acrylics on cotoon, 45 minutes

20x16cm ink on paper, 30 minutes

30x40cm acrylics on board, 30 minutes

40x30cm acrylics on board, 15 minutes

Pepper mill

Yep, this is me pepper mill. I really think it is harder to paint then an angry woman...

"Pepermolen" - "Peppermill" 21x15cm - Acrylics