Amersfoort in december

Almost the last day of the year and René and i went painting in Amersfoort again.

A little video of that day

These paintings are 20x30cm - acrylics on panel

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see and hear you both in action. You sound as if your roots are from Rotterdam (Am I right?).

    Good paintings by the way.

  2. Beautiful!Look like you have a sunny winter there as well!The snow was deported this year from Europe!
    Best of wishes and Happy New Year!

  3. love your outdoor studies wiele
    they are so honest and full of life
    hey happy new year

  4. Dick! U R right. I think I have some days you won't hear it. This was not one of those days haha!

    Ralucca, thanks for dropping by. yeah too bad, so hard to paint with the cold, but there was just no snow to paint.

    Hi Rob, Thanx. Well the last onbe looks a bit too much like a dollhouse environment. but still i learned.

    All, Happy New Year People!

  5. Hi, Nice to meet you, I enjoyed the video. I came over from René's blog. Looks like it was a little cool there! It was 80 degrees F here today. A heat wave for sure.