White Lines

A pretty big one again!
This Karo woman shows the white lines on her face, a painting within a painting :-)

White Lines - 60x80cm - acrylics on canvas

Erbore Moslima

A bit greyish color... didn't want that, but i leave it. Does that give some other atmosphere?

Erbore Moslima - 15x20cm - acrylics on paper

Come in

An Erbore woman, rough sketch, but i like it on the white background. More and more i like it when things go wrong with a way to big brush, and stiff paint sometimes, like what's wrong with those arms? I dont know but I like it, haha.

Kom binnen (Come in) - 10x20cm - acrylics on paper

Zeedijk Putten

Aaah a free monday, so nice to end up on the dike enjoying the surroudings with paintequipment at hand...

Zeedijk Putten - 60x40cm - acrylics on board

Model Ina 2

Of course she posed for longer. Here are some bigger ones done in 30-45 minutes.

Irma 3 - 60x40cm - acrylics on board

Irma 4 - 40x30cm - acrylics on board

Model Ina 1

Two small studies, with only 5 minutes time. I am especially happy with the first one.

Irma 1 - 23x15cm - acrylics on paper

Irma 2 - 23x15cm - acrylics on paper