The current

All alone at the open atelier, and i felt tired. Just every now and then some brush strokes. So a lot of looking, resting, and not so much painting. Well I am proud about the result. I like it and I feel like there was a little magic moment.

For the figure I had some help from a photo. The scene just happened.

The current - 60x40cm - acrylics on board

Model Marlies

A very interesting face, so I tried hard to capture it. These are the results.

Marlies 1 - 20x30 cm - pencil on paper
Marlies 2 - 30x40cm - acrylics on board
Marlies 3 - 30x40cm - acrylics on board

Model Marion 2

These were the paintings I made from Marion that day.

Marion 3 - 40x60cm -acrylics on board
Marion 4 - 40x60cm -acrylics on board

Model Marion

Did these sketches this evening... And two more paintings, but i want some daylight to make some pictures of those (these ones did fit the scanner). So this is al for now folks :-)

pencil on paper - 20x30cm (10-15 min)

acrilics on paper - 17x24 cm (10-15 min)


This is already 5 years ago!?

I was so proud to have been ably to make this storyboard!

This is how is was made. (sorry for the bad quality... long time ago...)

Radioshow (dutch)

Voor de Nederlandse mensen, die kunnen hier luisteren naar een interview met mij dat pas werd uitgezonden op Nfm, het lokale radiostation van Nijkerk:

Mountains of paint

Messy experiment, very questionable landscape and i like, i wanna have some guts, and i want to make this style work! Only slightly inspired by an Tibetan landscape.

"Mountains of paint [Bergen Verf]" - acrylics on paper - 21x14 cm

Jungle Boy

Inspired by a picture in the local newspaper... Something from a movie called "Vinyan" No idea what it is about, but you people might know I like this kinda look on a face ;-)

"Jungle Boy" - acrylics on paper - 17x25 cm

Model Harry

Model Harry at the mondayevening session.
Lot's of short pose's, did those in charcoal.
And i think the colored ones were like half an hour.

60x42cm - acrylics on cotton
14x21cm - acrylics on paper