This time the sheep were hanging out in the neighbourhood. Main thing for me was the sky though. But there was some light left, and then i tried my best on the sheep.

Schapen! - Sheep! - Arkersluisweg, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Stoomgemaal vanaf Zeedijk

With a burning sun :-)

Stoomgemaal vanaf Zeedijk - Zeedijk, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

What was I thinking? That those sheep would stay?

A bit empty in the forground?
Those sheep just wouldnt stay. Pretty site in the fields again, straight after work! :-)

What was I thinking? That those sheep would stay?
Watergoorweg, Arkemheen, Nijkerk - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Rain and sun

Coming out of work, and the weather was crazy, sun and rain, great clouds and pretty light, so i took of to the polder Arkemheen. A bit too late for the flaming sky, but it was still really nice to paint. Cold hands!!!

Daar komt de regen (Korte Holk, Bremersweg, Nijkerk) - There comes the rain
23x16cm - acrylics on paper

Free monday again!

Oh wow, and still nice weather, so I took the car and some time.
Here's the result.
Dood hout, klaar om op te stijgen, in het bos(Nieuwe Voorthuizerweg, Nijkerk)
Dead wood, ready for take-off, in the forest
23x16cm - acrylics on paper

De koeien zijn er - Donkeresteeg, Putten - 23x16cm - acrylics on paper

An Erbore peeks

Still inspired by Africa, this is a woman from the Erbore tribe I painted lifesize on a piece of scrapwood.

An Erbore peeks - 41x133cm - acrylics on wood

Estelle's tjoeri

I like some unexpected expression on a face :-)
Inspired by this video.

Estelle's tjoeri, 70x50cm, acrylics on canvas

Nina Simone

A salut to Nina Simone.

"This water gives back" - Nina Simone, 100x70cm, acrylics on canvas