three ladies

All of a sudden when everybody was sleeping already, i just did these:

'Rihanna Jaja' (again from that picture from Rihanna haha)
'Owow' (done after a commercial picture)

Last light

On the 'heide' in Ermelo I caught the last light, it is getting dark really quick, so after work i hurried over there, and it was good. :-)


Two years ago I found this skull in a forrest.
I've got no idea what kinda animal it is from. Anybody?

skull - (+-) 15x20cm - acrylics on paper

No Rihanna

I think it is hard to believe, but i used a small picture from Rihanna to do this one. This looks more like somebody from the 1800's or something. But I like that too and I just let that happen, it's good, and now maybe I'll use the same picture again, and see what happens then. Although I also think it might be a good idea to take some time once and put more effort in a resemblance (how to spell that?)... and time.

No Rihanna - 15x23 cm - acrylics on paper

Just before dark

Just before dark I was able to make this one. Not so much time, but i wanted to paint yes.
Done from the car, does that count as 'pleinair'? It was rainy!

Arkemheen, Bremserse weg Nijkerk - acrylics on paper - 23x15 cm


Uhm. A portrait by head. Experimenting with what I think is interesting in a face. And then it goes from male to female, clever to neantherthaler, pretty to ugly.
Is this my instinct?

Two more

And i believe I never showed these two little ones, A dancing Indian, I think that's gonna be an act with Holiday on Ice. I used a commercial photo about that to make this one.

And this is 'South Africa 4 ya"


A relaxing small hour in the woods of Lunteren.

acrylics on paper - 23x15cm - Bos Lunteren

Model Ina

Drawing classes are on again, only once in the two weeks this time.
Our model was Ina

40x60cm - acrylics on board

With ink

Somewhere along the way i made this one. Freely done with a picture from Natalie Imbruglia on my drawing table. Acrilics and some ink.