saturday morning

I got up early, sometimes when biking i saw great light this early. But now it was a bit misty... Pretty too.

three ladies

All of a sudden when everybody was sleeping already, i just did these:

'Rihanna Jaja' (again from that picture from Rihanna haha)
'Owow' (done after a commercial picture)

Last light

On the 'heide' in Ermelo I caught the last light, it is getting dark really quick, so after work i hurried over there, and it was good. :-)


Two years ago I found this skull in a forrest.
I've got no idea what kinda animal it is from. Anybody?

skull - (+-) 15x20cm - acrylics on paper

No Rihanna

I think it is hard to believe, but i used a small picture from Rihanna to do this one. This looks more like somebody from the 1800's or something. But I like that too and I just let that happen, it's good, and now maybe I'll use the same picture again, and see what happens then. Although I also think it might be a good idea to take some time once and put more effort in a resemblance (how to spell that?)... and time.

No Rihanna - 15x23 cm - acrylics on paper

Just before dark

Just before dark I was able to make this one. Not so much time, but i wanted to paint yes.
Done from the car, does that count as 'pleinair'? It was rainy!

Arkemheen, Bremserse weg Nijkerk - acrylics on paper - 23x15 cm


Uhm. A portrait by head. Experimenting with what I think is interesting in a face. And then it goes from male to female, clever to neantherthaler, pretty to ugly.
Is this my instinct?

Two more

And i believe I never showed these two little ones, A dancing Indian, I think that's gonna be an act with Holiday on Ice. I used a commercial photo about that to make this one.

And this is 'South Africa 4 ya"


A relaxing small hour in the woods of Lunteren.

acrylics on paper - 23x15cm - Bos Lunteren

Model Ina

Drawing classes are on again, only once in the two weeks this time.
Our model was Ina

40x60cm - acrylics on board

With ink

Somewhere along the way i made this one. Freely done with a picture from Natalie Imbruglia on my drawing table. Acrilics and some ink.

Bunschoten @ the water

It was a pretty day with big clouds. I sat down at the water.

Boat in the distance - 20x30cm - acrylics on board
Tree in the distance - 24x14cm - acrylics on paper


In the garden of 'De Brink' i did this sunflower. It was during the open day of this creativity centre.
Sunflower - 15x30cm - Acrylics on board

Madagascar Bride

Still I like to make African people portraits. Here is one from a girl from Madagascar. I think the symbols on her face mean that she is a bride...

Madagascar Bride - 20x30cm - Acrylics and ink on board

Ardennen paintings

Here are the paintings from the Ardennen holiday.
While doing this first one, somebody came up to me and told that this was a historic view, because that little hill that you see in front of the big hill, that is where the deer from Poland and Germany used to migrate to France, this person heard that from an old hunter.
Vallee of Lohan - 40x30cm - acrylics on board
This one is a bit smaller. A quicky on the light :-)

The Ourthe at Lohan - 30x15cm - acrylics on board
In this shed, probably Bob Ross is living! No, really the horses do :-) can you see them? People sure liked it and this one was sold before it was dry.

At the Ourthe at Lohan - 40x30cm - acrylics on board - SOLD

Ardennen Sketches

I went to the Ardennen in Belgium for the holidays, and these are the sketches i made in my little book over there. Later I wil post the paintings too!

From my balcony

I am surprised it looks so tropical, the painting i made from the view from my balcony :-)


I have been lazy on the painting... To activate myself I said to myself, you can sooo easily scetch a face. Just put a pencil to the paper and go, not knowing what face would appear, this came out:

On the bike

During a bikeride to advertise knowledge about the disease ALS, I made these two little paintings. The first one has some raindrops on it, but they just look like some little flowers!
I will send these to a friend of mine who is dealing with this disease.
The bikeride was fantastic.
There sure is beauty in my surroundings.

Snijdersteeg, Putten - acrylics on paper - 18x13cm
Donkersteeg/Hogesteeg, Putten - acrylics on paper - 18x13cm

All the way to Magologni

...that's how far you can see from up there.

All the way to Magologni - 15x24cm - acylics on paper


Made some pictures for some friends that use butterflies as their sort of icons. Six of them.

Butterflies - watercolor and ink on paper - 13x18cm

And they really come from one big drawing :-)