Ardennen paintings

Here are the paintings from the Ardennen holiday.
While doing this first one, somebody came up to me and told that this was a historic view, because that little hill that you see in front of the big hill, that is where the deer from Poland and Germany used to migrate to France, this person heard that from an old hunter.
Vallee of Lohan - 40x30cm - acrylics on board
This one is a bit smaller. A quicky on the light :-)

The Ourthe at Lohan - 30x15cm - acrylics on board
In this shed, probably Bob Ross is living! No, really the horses do :-) can you see them? People sure liked it and this one was sold before it was dry.

At the Ourthe at Lohan - 40x30cm - acrylics on board - SOLD

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