On the bike

During a bikeride to advertise knowledge about the disease ALS, I made these two little paintings. The first one has some raindrops on it, but they just look like some little flowers!
I will send these to a friend of mine who is dealing with this disease.
The bikeride was fantastic.
There sure is beauty in my surroundings.

Snijdersteeg, Putten - acrylics on paper - 18x13cm
Donkersteeg/Hogesteeg, Putten - acrylics on paper - 18x13cm

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good effort, ... in both ways!

    The second ones farm is just soo well done!

  2. very nice wiele
    both look very fresh
    i think the fact that they were done quick kept them fresh and simple wich really works