Today René invited me for another paintingsession in Amersfoort. It was a pretty autumn sunday.

View on the roofs at the Korte Gracht, Amersfoort.

"Stoel in de herfst" "Chair in autumn"

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  1. Who's René ? Hehehe, you could learn to link you know

    A bit like this [a href=""] René [/a]
    But then the [ are replaced by <

    A ver easy and nice way to do it also is to see it as new post in your own blog,
    there you see a linking button that will insert the linkage. When youre finished
    your comment youcan sellect everything and copy and pst it into your comment or blog.

    Good to see you on Blogger as wel, ...

  2. A little late, i just now saw your message, taken care of that link,
    you just know things like that!