Model Mart

Last monday we had a model called Mart on the stage at the model class. I was very happy to have somebodey in front of us that just had the guts to go naked, it's just so interesting. So interesting that maybe i will have the guts to do it one day. Not today. Today Mart.
Some short and rough scetches:

A painted study in 30 minutes. 30x40cm. Acrylics. A painted study in 60 minutes. 40x60cm. Acrylics.A painted study in 30 minutes. 30x40cm. Acrylics.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, Wiele is also blogging! Nice work man.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment Wiele, I looked through yours and found some really nice things.. confident drawings and nice loose paintings. Yes I have been at SKVA but it isn't working out - it is not good trying to get into etching on 3 hours a week - I guess I need to go full time for a while. It is very un-spontaneous as well so I have to manage that aspect. The model drawing at SKVA is too academic - I like to draw the model in the space and there is nothing but a platform and a wall behind and it is very crowded. So I prefer to get together with friends in Rijswijk and share a model and put him/her in an interesting setting. Like you, I think.

  3. I think my comment got lost but i was saying thank you for your comment and looking at my blog. I am at SKVA but it is not very successful on only three hours a week and the model drawing is a bit academic in style wheras I like to draw the model in the place - in an interesting setting which I often do sharing a model with some friends in Rijswijk. Like you do, I think. Anyway I like your confident drawings - nice lines - and the paintings and will take a look from time to time.