Model Marianne

At the modelclass in Hoevelaken this week the model was Marianne. I made some sketches in ink, and i was surprised that an old fashioned pen was so pleasant to use for this. I was less happy with the paintings i made this evening. I will keep on practising.

40x30cm acrylics

60x40cm acrylics

30x40cm acrylics

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Now you have to stop!!

    If I could only touch a little of this quality I would be soo proud.

    Especially the Indian ink sketches are masterly.

  2. hey wiele didn't know you had a blog!
    those drawings are top class,i'm very impressed,keep painting those ugly people and they will be just as good!i just know it...

  3. Thanks for the cheer guys, That's right Rob, I didn't have this blog, but mister R. Pleinair told me it would be a great idea! And it is. I am looking around at all those people who are reading your stuff, and then what they make... etc. Fun.

    No René me is not stopping :-)
    Yes Rob, i keep stuffing tyhose ugly people with lot's of paint (that's how it looks to me sometimes, but that is the struggle. I'm loving it.