A good reason te be pissed

Inspired by all the dailypainters I see on the net like René and Rob, I started painting on a really small size too, This one is A5 (21x15cm, 8x5inches) and I had fun with it for an half hour. I can do that every day! ... I think
"Een goede rede om boos te zijn" - "A good reason to be pissed"
21x15cm - Acrylics

And another source of inspiration is this book with pictures from Gianni Giansanti, but as usual i pick my subject from the site of the picture. This Konso woman is standig somewhere on a market picture. She must have a good reason...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Where is she pissed off over??

    Like this one, ... it doesn't count that much (size) does it
    at least sketching that is. the main goal here is to create!!

    You created something well worth looking at!

  2. Alway beautilful, angry women!

    Great painting Wiele!

  3. go for it wiele
    you've got nothing to loose
    bit of time bit of paint,happy days!
    you painted her so angry i don't like her %@@&%£$